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My take on prenatal vitamins + supplements, A Guest Post from Emily Tennison of Healing Corner

Pregnancy is such a special time. For me, it was also crazy-making: not feeling great between weeks 6-12, dealing with weird food aversions (red peppers!) and worrying about eating correctly while warding off cravings was a lot to handle. Doing the best I could nutritionally, while safeguarding with vitamins and supplements, helped ease my anxiety. […]

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50 Ways to Take a Break

When Self-Care Becomes Toxic

I’m totally guilty of this.  We all know the seasons of life when our focus on wellness/health/healing, comes naturally.  Perhaps you’re focused on a specific goal:  trying to conceive, training for an event, weight optimization etc. The list is well intentioned and it’s created with great enthusiasm…but it’s only sustainable for so long.  During these […]

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Your Unique Self-Care Prescription

What are you doing for yourself today?  What does your morning ritual look like?  Do you have one? Setting the tone for each day with energizing, mind clearing rituals, with gentle movement, with meditation, journaling, breathing…or simply with intention can make a huge difference. I know it can sound positively daunting–especially if you’re a new mom.  So […]

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Abdominal Separation FAQs: Part II

I’m often asked about diastasis recti (the medical name for abdominal separation) by both pre and postnatal clients and do believe that education is key when it comes to both minimizing and rehabilitating this condition. If you haven’t yet read Part I, you can find it here! Let’s get started with a bit of research: Boissonnault […]

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Abdominal Separation FAQs: Part I

Today I’m talking about abdominal separation or diastasis recti to which it is formally, or medically referred.  This separation can lead to the appearance of a “mummy tummy” or “pooch”…the “mommy belly.” Speaking from personal and professional experience, I know that some days it’s easier than others to refer to and interact lovingly with this pooch that […]

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What is Holistic Pelvic Care™? Guest Contributor: Beth Rubin, MSOM, LAC

WHAT IS HOLISTIC PELVIC CARE™? The primary goal of Holistic Pelvic Care (HPC) is to empower a woman to inhabit her pelvic space and occupy her feminine ground physically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually. HPC is a technique consisting of physical and energetic tools designed to evaluate and restore balance in the pelvic space of the female […]

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Physical Therapy in the Perinatal Time: Guest Contributor, Aimee Lake, DPT

Physical therapy can be very helpful for maintaining a healthy level of physical activity during pregnancy. It can be helpful for managing and solving some of the physical challenges of pregnancy. It can also be a great resource for preparing for birth and post partum recovery. People often think of physical therapy in terms of […]

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