Frequently Asked Questions

I want to exercise, but I am concerned about it being safe during pregnancy. What do you recommend?

Our philosophy is that some degree of movement is beneficial for all!  The key is to remain self-aware and engage in appropriate movement under the guidance of a specialist.  We universally recommend getting clearance from your health care provider prior to beginning an exercise program at any time and particularly when pregnant.

That being said, there are numerous benefits to exercising while pregnant for both mom and baby.  If you have concerns about exercise in pregnancy or any reason to believe that it will be problematic of you, we recommend setting up an appointment for a Private Session to get started with an individualized exercise program for your unique body and needs. In addition, please see “Maternal & Fetal Benefits of Exercise”.

How do I sign-up for services?
  1. Log-in to
  2. Search for Bodies for Birth in “Find your site” options.
  3. Chose: Bodies for Birth
  4. Select the correct tab on the top of the screen regarding the services or packages in which you are interested.
  5. You can search for open appointments, view the upcoming group classes and select training packages for purchase from here.
  6. After selecting a service or package for purchase, the program will prompt you to create a log-in.
  7. When creating your account please use your best e-mail address and opt-in to get notifications, receipts, and appointment information.
  8. If you’d  like to make purchases using your debit/credit card, please save this information in your profile (from a desktop not a mobile device).  Bodies for Birth does not accept cards on-site, but you are welcome to pay with cash/check in person.
  9. MINDBODY Connect App is available for free via iTunes or Google Play. Small group training is limited to five attendees maximum.
  10. Schedule is subject to change–check MindBody for current schedule and to register for ALL classes!
How do I sign-up for a group training?

You can register via your MindBody account! See steps above if you’re having trouble and as always, please reach out for assistance!

How do I sign up for a One-on-One consultation?

Initial phone consults are always complimentary and are a wonderful place to start–please reach out via e-mail to arrange this!

For in person one-on-one consultations, availability is listed online via MINDBODY. Please log in and request an appointment or feel free to e-mail to find out more!  To sign up online, please click here.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Pay online with credit card or debit card through MINDBODY or in person with cash or check.  Saving your credit/debit card on file in your MINDBODY profile is the easiest way to pay!  Please do this from a desktop computer and note that Bodies for Birth does not accept credit/debit cards on site.

How many times should I plan on training/week?

We recommend attendance at group training at least once per week and ideally, two to three times.  The more often you attend, the greater your results!  Another great option is to supplement group training with other complimentary classes held at Bodies for Birth.  Most importantly, listen to your body.  Be self-aware, patient with you body’s limitations and proud of it’s achievements during pregnancy.  Allow this self-awareness to be your guide.

I am newly pregnant (in my first trimester), where should I start and when can I begin attending group training?

Once you have received the “green light” from your health care provider, the first trimester is an excellent time to schedule a Private Session or to join Signature Group Training!

As long as you are feeling well enough for exercise, you can begin attending group training at any time.  For more details and to view when the next series begins, please click here.

I have felt horrible during the first trimester—nausea and exhaustion have prevented me from doing much more than resting on the couch. Now that I’m feeling a bit better, how should I begin exercising?

This is going to be a bit different for each person—depending on your previous level of activity, goals and concerns.  Since it is important to have an individualized plan in place, this is an excellent time to schedule your first session: Private Sessions are THE place to start prenatally if you have specific questions or concerns.

In addition, you can join Signature Group Training! For more details on Group Training, please click here.  To learn more about when the next series begins and to sign up, click here!

I am pregnant with twins. What can I do for exercise? And, can I come to group class?

You fall into a special category! Please contact me directly to learn more.  From here, we will collaborate with your health care team to establish the most appropriate exercise program. Prenatally, group classes may be appropriate for women carrying multiples with monitoring and clearance from your provider. The Return to Fitness Program would certainly be recommended postpartum.

I’ve never exercised before, but I know it’s important to be fit during pregnancy. Where should I start?

This is a great time to get started for both your health and the health of your baby!  An individualized exercise program is particularly important for those who have been sedentary prior to pregnancy.  We encourage discussing beginning an exercise program with your health care provider.

Once receiving their consent, please contact us to schedule a Private Session so that we can develop the most appropriate exercise regimen.

I am postpartum following an uncomplicated, vaginal birth.  When can I resume training sessions and begin attending group classes?

Generally, we recommend waiting until at least six weeks postpartum or once you have received clearance from your healthcare provider.  This length of time may be greater or lesser depending on individual circumstances of labor and delivery.

An initial Private Session can take place in the early days following delivery!   We will address the circumstances of your labor, methodical recovery of the pelvic floor, weight optimization, core rehabilitation and toning.  If you’d prefer to come to the training studio, don’t worry about  arranging for childcare–it is perfectly acceptable to bring baby along for all Private Sessions.

In postpartum, you’re welcome to return to our Signature Group Training classes too!

 When can I join the Return to Fitness Program and/or the Mom & Baby Gym?

We recommend waiting until at least six weeks postpartum or once you have received clearance from your healthcare provider.  This length of time may be greater or lesser depending on individual circumstances of labor and delivery.  Babies are welcome at Mom & Baby Gym, but no crawlers please as safety for all is a priority!

Why is it beneficial to engage in exercise with my baby?

With a newborn it can be a struggle to fit in a shower or full meal, let alone a workout!  The guilt of leaving a new baby with a caregiver can be an added stress for some and time away from a breastfed baby can not only make scheduling a challenge, but can be uncomfortable for mom.

Participation in Mom & Baby Gym with Bodies for Birth allows you the chance to exercise together in a fun environment with other active moms and babies with professional guidance.  You will receive specialized instruction for toning, strengthening, fat burning and recovery in a supportive space with like-minded women.

What if my baby is fussy or needs to be fed during the workshop?

Fussy babies, hungry babies, tired babies, happy babies…all are to be expected.  If your baby is fussy, feel free to stop exercising to provide comfort.  We have all the amenities you need for diaper changing, feeding, comforting.  Do whatever you need to do to get the most out of the time at Mom & Baby Gym and to ensure your baby’s comfort.

I am a little concerned about the Ergo, as the infant insert is a bit warm.  Should I use it to exercise?

Concerns about the warmth of the baby while using the Ergo insert are completely understandable.  Mom & Baby Gym is designed with the option for baby to be in the carrier, but preferably on the mat or in an infant seat/car seat.  Should you choose to exercise with baby in a front carrier, safety is ALWAYS the priority for both mom and baby.  YOU, as Mom will be the BEST judge of what feels safe and appropriate for you and baby and we are happy to accommodate.  Not only will we accommodate, but we expect this to look a bit different for everyone.  As moms, we know that doing most anything with baby along requires lots of back-up plans and flexibility!

What should I bring to  Mom & Baby Gym?

Please bring a front carrier (Baby Bjorn, Ergo or something similar), an infant seat/carseat, a blanket for baby, towel and water.  It’s preferable for baby to be in an infant seat/carseat or on the mat beside you, but you have the option for baby to be in a front carrier for portions of your time at Mom & Baby Gym as well.

How should I prepare for training/classes?

Dress in cool, breathable clothing. Come well hydrated and have a light snack of protein and carbohydrates approximately one hour prior to the start.

What if I need to cancel my one-on-one appointment?

Should you need to cancel or reschedule, please do so with at least 24 hours in advance of appointment.  Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to appointment will result in a full charge for the missed session.




Terms & Conditions:

  • At least 24 hour notice required when scheduling appointment request online. Instructor online availability subject to change. Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to appointment will result in a full charge for the missed session.
  • Please submit payment online via MindBody prior to appointment or bring cash/check payment to purchase in person on day of appointment.
  • All new clients must please complete the Bodies for Birth, LLC- New Client Information 2018This packet contains all of the forms you need.
  • Please note that Part II prompts you to complete a brief electronic Physical Activity Readiness Medical Examination.  At the end of your survey, you will receive a recommendation for exercise or a recommendation to pursue clearance from your provider.
  • Upon completion of the New Client Information Packet, should you have any contraindications for exercise, please contact me directly to discuss further. Thank you!
  • In order to participate in services with BODIES FOR BIRTH, you must please submit this paperwork 48 hours prior to the start of class or to your private session.
  • This can be done via e-mail or postal mail to the studio address: 6512 Phinney Ave N, Seattle WA 98103..
  • Training schedule is subject to change–check MindBody for current schedule and to register for all classes.
  • Group training is held at Bodies for Birth (6512 Phinney Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103)
  • A minimum of four attendees is required for small group training to be held. In the event of insufficient registration, you will be notified by email and a full refund will be applied.
  • On attending the first training session, no refund can be given for the cancellation of the term.
  • Training sessions are valid for the duration of the course for which they were registered.
  • There is no transferral of sessions from term to term, course to course or person to person.
  • Classes are non-refundable with the exception of series cancellation by instructor for insufficient registration.
  • Services must be paid in full and in advance.
  • Classes may be cancelled due to circumstances out of your Instructor’s control, ie: poor weather conditions, sickness, but refunds will not be given.

Thank you and we look forward to working together! 

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