Group Training

 Challenging workouts, plenty of fun and lots of support!  Join us–let’s grow your village together! 

Prenatal Group Training 


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If you’re ready to get moving, join Bodies for Birth Prenatal Group Training classes*!  Classes are booked for four consecutive weeks with new sessions beginning monthly.  Our program is progressive in nature, meaning that you can join at any time in pregnancy and can continue right up until delivery!

What you can expect:

  • Professional, specialized instruction with modifications for all levels of fitness
  • Functional bodyweight exercises and resistance training
  • To learn about and practice the fundamentals that will help to maintain comfort in pregnancy including alignment, diaphragmatic breathing and core strength.
  • Cardio intervals and specialized labor preparation intervals (1) with  guided imagery and visualization to help you stay strong, toned and fit!
  • To gain not only  physical strength and endurance, but mental resilience as well.
  • To train your mind and body to recover efficiently from physical exertion and to remain calm despite a body that’s working hard physically.  These tools are essential for every woman’s labor preparation!
  • A supportive, fun class environment
  • A warm, loving community
  • A clean, inviting fitness space that was intentionally designed with your needs and comfort in mind.

Participating throughout pregnancy is strongly recommended as you’ll gain the most benefits from continuing to work with your evolving body right up until delivery!  Group training is appropriate for both the beginner and the veteran exerciser.

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New training sessions beginning monthly!

The details:

  • * Please note that provider clearance is required prior to your first class.  You must submit the Prenatal PARMed-x 48 hours prior to the start of Group Training. This can be done via e-mail or postal mail to the studio address: 6512 Phinney Ave N, Seattle WA 98103. 
  • The Prenatal Concierge Service is an OPTIONAL one-on-one service prior to joining group training sessions.
  • Small group training sessions (4 clients min, 10 clients max) are booked monthly for four consecutive visits (i.e.: four Saturdays).
  • You are eligible for one drop-in per series to make up for a missed class.
    • Additional make up options include: A single One-on-One training session at 50% off or a PDF of an at-home workout for your use.
  • Classes are non-transferrable; this means that you will not be able to “make-up” previous missed classes elsewhere (ie: during another series).
  • $100 plus tax for four training sessions


Prenatal PARmed-X, General Waiver for ALL (Prenatal)Client Confidentiality Release Form, Terms & Conditions

Coming soon…more Prenatal Class Options including Dancing for Birth(TM) and Prenatal Yoga!

Return to Fitness Program 


Want to get back to jogging? Anxious to return to Crossfit? Climbing? Zumba?

Take the guesswork out of returning to fitness postpartum by joining us for a progressive eight week retraining program.  This program was designed for the group setting after seeing great success in one-on-one sessions, but it does require commitment from you!

Each week, we will progress your training in-person and you will go home with a new series of exercises to complete on your own.  You will receive a PDF of this new routine following each class and will have access to a video library in case you need reminders along the way.

My aim is to help you gain strength, confidence and knowledge so that you may return to your beloved fitness activities safely and with greater ease.

This program is appropriate once you’ve received clearance to return to exercise from your provider and have completed the initial Postpartum Concierge Service.

Equipment you will need at home includes: stability ball, yoga mat, resistance band(s), light-moderate weights.  Loop bands are helpful, but optional.

The details:

  • The Postpartum Concierge Service is required prior to joining the Return to Fitness Program.
  • Small group training sessions (4 clients min, 8 clients max) are booked monthly for eight consecutive visits* (i.e.: eight Saturdays).
  • In the event of a missed session, you will still receive your at-home workout for the week and can access the exercises through the video library. Phone calls may be arranged to answer specific questions as needed as well.
  • Classes are non-transferrable; this means that you will not be able to “make-up” previous missed sessions elsewhere (ie: during another program series).
  • $320 plus tax for eight in-person training sessions, weekly at-home workout routines as well as access to full exercise video library.

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Client Confidentiality Release Form, Terms & Conditions

More Details:

Please note that group training listed above may not be available at all times.  Check MindBody for current class offerings.

Please arrive to first session with completed paperwork.  It is important to have clearance from your medical provider prior to engaging in physical activity.

Paperwork for Group Classes:

  • Prenatal Clients: Prenatal Parmed-X**and  General Waiver for All (Prenatal),Client Confidentiality Release Form, Terms & Conditions
  • Postpartum Clients: Postpartum Par-Q** for You, Postpartum Waiver, Client Confidentiality Release Form, Terms & Conditions
  • Links to these documents can be found following the description of each option. Thank you.

**Upon completion of these documents, should you have any contraindications for exercise, please contact me directly to discuss further. Thank you!

(1) Adapted from Labor Training ®,  “Get Fit For Birth”, Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist Course Curriculum