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Prenatal Concierge Service: Your First Step in Pregnancy

baby-428395_960_720The Prenatal Concierge Service is all about YOU, your health, your fitness and your unique needs!  

I value getting to know each of you as individuals and this session gets us off to a great start.  It’s jam-packed with info from prenatal exercise guidelines to community referrals and diaphragmatic breathing.  It’s also my chance to assess your physical fitness and create an individualized plan to best support you.  This session is required prior to joining Group Training Sessions.

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Please bring the following completed paperwork to our appointment: BfB General Waiver for All (Prenatal), Prenatal PARmed X, Prenatal Intake FormClient Confidentiality Release Form, Terms & Conditions

(50 minutes, $55 plus tax)

In postpartum, there are a few options!  

If you’d like to train in the group setting, you’ll need to please complete the Postpartum Concierge Service.  If you’d prefer to train one-on-one or on your own following our initial work together, please begin with the Postpartum Recovery Package–thank you! 

9DZ58A0GHOPostpartum Concierge Service:

This is our first step postpartum if you plan to join the eight week Return to Fitness Program.  

With the Postpartum Concierge Service, we will address any specific concerns so that you can maximize the benefits from the group setting. Through our collaboration, I’ll tailor my services to meet your needs as well as providing referrals to beneficial outside resources.

We’ll revisit your fitness level during pregnancy, the events of labor and delivery, as well as your postpartum recovery.  I’ll also perform a preliminary screen for pelvic floor dysfunction and assess for abdominal separation.

We will aim to review alignment, breathing to help heal the core and postpartum exercise guidelines so that you can get a head start prior to joining group training.

This 50 minute session is required for ALL new postpartum clients intending to complete the eight week Return to Fitness Program.

(50 minutes, $55 plus tax)

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Postpartum Par-Q for YouPostpartum WaiverClient Confidentiality Release Form, Terms & Conditions

Postpartum Recovery Package: Two Sessions & Your Foundation

Postpartum trainer seattle, WA

Don’t hesitate to contact me right away postpartum! I will join you in your home to devise a safe, gentle approach to healing even in the early days.

Postpartum recovery is just as unique as pregnancy! You may have unique circumstances making recovery even more challenging or maybe you feel great and are excited to achieve a new level of fitness! Whatever the case may be, once you have gotten the green light to resume exercise, what exactly does that mean for you?

With two intro sessions, we can address many of your fundamental concerns and take the guess-work out of postpartum recovery. As part of your initial assessment, we will review your labor and delivery experience with the emotional, mental and physical components in mind. This will include a check for diastasis recti and a preliminary screening for pelvic floor dysfunction. In addition, we’ll address the obstacles that might present during this postpartum period. This information will help us to create an individualized program with your unique needs in mind.

You will go home with a plan of action for a safe recovery and return to fitness!

Following completion of the Postpartum Recovery Package, one-on-one training is the next step for continuing your postpartum fitness journey.

Special concerns may include, but are not limited to: Diastasis Recti, Recovery from Cesarean, Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation, Weight Optimization.

Please do not worry about childcare!  Baby is always welcome at one-on-ones–at the training studio, or if you prefer, in your home.

It was so comforting to know exactly where to go when I had questions postpartum.  Maura helped me have patience with my body as it healed using a safe and methodical approach.

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Postpartum Par-Q for YouPostpartum WaiverClient Confidentiality Release Form, Terms & Conditions

($150 for two 50 minute sessions)

Personal Training

One-on-one personal training is available to provide focused individualized education, encouragement and specialized training throughout your journey.  Together, we will prepare you in mind and body leaving you fortified you with strength.

pregnancy training seattle

Training for your specific needs and goals right up until delivery.

One-on-one training is recommended for ALL clients!

As an older pregnant woman, I feel at ease knowing that Maura is a nurse.  It’s one of the main reasons I chose Bodies for Birth.

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Please bring the following completed paperwork to our appointment: Par-Q (Preconception or Postpartum), ParMed-X (Prenatal)

(50 minutes, $105 plus tax)

By seeing one another on a consistent basis, I am able to truly support you through this transformational time–providing complimentary referrals and helping you to build your village!  Above any beyond training, that might mean loaning you books or connecting you with an acupuncturist, a pediatrician, or providing an introduction to another expecting mom.  We are in this together!
Whatever you need, I will do my absolute BEST to find a way to support you; that is my promise.

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Complement One-on-One Training with Small Group Training!

It is so nice to exercise with other pregnant women. I look forward to class each week and have made some great friends!


The Details:

  • All One-on-One consultations are available via Skype–please inquire for details.
  • Please complete the necessary forms prior to our first meeting!


  • *Prenatal Clients: Prenatal PARmed-X**, Prenatal Intake Sheet and General Waiver for All (Prenatal), Client Confidentiality Release Form, Terms & Conditions
  • *Postpartum Clients: Postpartum Par-Q** for You, Postpartum Intake Sheet and Postpartum Waiver,Client Confidentiality Release Form, Terms & Conditions
  • Links to these documents can be found following the description of each option. Thank you.

**Upon completion of these documents, should you have any contraindications for exercise, please contact me directly to discuss further. Thank you!