Getting Started

No matter where you are in your journey, Bodies for Birth can help! Services span from Preconception through Postpartum and are designed with your individual needs in mind.

Please refer to the following outline for how to Get Started based on your stage and goals!

Fifteen Minute Phone Consultations are Always Free!  Please reach out to schedule your call!

Preconception Services

Preconception Concierge Service


This initial One-on-One is the first step to getting your body into optimal shape prior to pregnancy!  Starting off at a healthy weight and feeling physically strong prior to pregnancy makes all the difference!

One-on-One Training

Schedule One-on-One Training* sessions following the completion of “Preconception Concierge Service.” Training packages are available at a discounted rate!

Prenatal Services

Prenatal Concierge Service

 This initial One-on-One is the first step for all prenatal clients and sets the foundation for our work together–whether you choose to train individually, in the group setting or a combination of the two.

Group Training

Join Prenatal Group Training classes following completion of the Concierge Service.

One-on-One Training 

Schedule One-on-One Training* sessions following the completion of the Concierge Service. Training packages are available at a discounted rate!

Group Training & One-on-One Training

This is truly the best of both worlds!  The individualized One-on-One* workouts allow us to focus on your unique goals, while the Group Training provides a foundation of community and support!

Postpartum Services

In postpartum, there are a few options!  

If you’d like to train in the group setting, you’ll need to please complete the Postpartum Concierge Service.  If you’d prefer to train one-on-one or at home on your own following our initial work together, please begin with the Postpartum Recovery Package–thank you! 

Postpartum Concierge Service

This is our first step postpartum if you plan to join the eight week Return to Fitness Program.  

With the Postpartum Concierge Service, we will address any specific concerns so that you can maximize the benefits from the group setting.

Return to Fitness Program: Eight Weeks

Take the guesswork out of returning to fitness postpartum by joining us for a progressive eight week retraining program.  This program was designed for the group setting after seeing great success in one-on-one sessions, but it does require commitment from you!  Learn more here!

Postpartum Recovery: 2 sessions

With two intro sessions, we can address many of your fundamental concerns and take the guess-work out of postpartum recovery.  You will go home with a plan of action for a safe recovery and return to fitness!

Following completion of the Postpartum Recovery Package, one-on-one training is the next step for continuing your postpartum fitness journey.

One-on-One Training

Continue training individually to focus on your unique postpartum needs.  Baby is always welcome at our sessions where we have private space for your needs! Training packages are available at a discounted rate!

*One-on-One Training Packages are available at a discounted rate.*

MindBody Sign-Up Instructions:

  1. Log-in to
  2. Search for Bodies for Birth in “Find your site” options.
  3. Chose: Bodies for Birth
  4. Select the correct tab on the top of the screen regarding the services or packages in which you are interested.
  5. You can search for open appointments, view the upcoming group classes and select training packages for purchase from here.
  6. After selecting a service or package for purchase, the program will prompt you to create a log-in.
  7. When creating your account please use your best e-mail address and opt-in to get notifications, receipts, and appointment information.
  8. If you’d  like to make purchases using your debit/credit card, please save this information in your profile (from a desktop not a mobile device).  Bodies for Birth does not accept cards on-site, but you are welcome to pay with cash/check in person.