From trying to conceive to postpartum recovery, Bodies for Birth has you covered!

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What we Offer At-A Glance:

private session pregnancyPrivate Sessions

You’re looking for the best information regarding fitness during pregnancy and postpartum.  Private sessions will address your specific needs, goals and concerns.  With a nursing background at the foundation, I bring specialized knowledge to best individualize a program for you at any stage of fitness and motherhood.  Private sessions are appropriate throughout your journey and are recommended should you have any concerns about beginning an exercise program.

If you’re not sure where to begin, here’s your first step! Learn more here!

group training pregnancySignature Group Training: 

We’ve all heard the generic recommendation for exercise in pregnancy, “Do what you’ve been doing and listen to your body.” Well, at Bodies for Birth, we believe and know we can do better. We offer one of a kind, specialized group training for the work of pregnancy and postpartum–challenging, fun and always supportive. Join us for strength in pregnancy, confidence in delivery, ease in recovery! Appropriate for all stages and fitness levels. Preconception and postpartum clients are always welcome as well!

If you’re ready to feel energized, strong and to gain fitness in pregnancy (yes, it’s possible!!), let’s get started!  Learn more here!

mom and baby gymMom & Baby Open Gym

A brand new concept in postpartum fitness: flexible scheduling, postpartum safe workouts, a chance to connect with other new mamas and…no childcare required.  You will leave feeling strong, supported and ready to tackle motherhood!  Let’s do this!

For all the details on what to expect at Mom & Baby Gym, learn more here!  We can’t wait to see you and your little one soon!

return to fitnessReturn to Fitness Program

Our signature eight week program postpartum program–a combination of in-person and at-home training.  This unique hybrid sets you up for amazing success whether your goal is core restoration, weight optimization, self-care, overall fitness or all of the above… We meet weekly to progress your training and you continue on your own at home with new workouts and supplemental videos after each session!  Safe, challenging and supportive!  Make the commitment.  You are worth it and will be so glad you did!

Get all the details  on what to expect in our Eight Week Hybrid Return to Fitness Program!

prenatal yoga seattleYoga Services

Restorative yoga classes for all levels of fitness and stages of motherhood!  Choose any offering on the schedule for the perfect complement to the work we do in our Signature Group Training Classes.  You’re sure to leave feeling nourished and energized.

Learn more about our yoga offerings here: Mindful Flow, Prenatal Express & Yoga for Mamas!  There’s a class that’s just right for you!

childbirth classes seattleAdditional Classes 

At Bodies for Birth, we’re all about ​resources, community and education​.  That’s why we offer complimentary classes on our schedule.  Join us for a variety of workshops, Infant Massage, Dancing for Birth, CPR and more.
Learn more about the classes and how to sign up here!

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