Getting Started

From trying to conceive to postpartum recovery, Bodies for Birth has you covered!

Please refer to the following outline for how to Get Started based on your stage and goals!

Fifteen Minute Phone Consultations are Always Free!  Please reach out to schedule your call!

Preconception Services

Private Training

It’s so hard to stick with a health and fitness routine in the first trimester, so why not establish it prior to pregnancy to take the guesswork out of fitness when those exhausting, nauseous weeks take hold?!

We help to optimize your fitness in preconception through private training sessions.  This is an amazing opportunity to maximize your holistic health and wellbeing to increase the chances of conception and a healthy pregnancy.

Be on the lookout for Group Classes as well–more on the schedule in January 2018! 

Prenatal Services

Prenatal Concierge Service

 This initial One-on-One is an optional first step for all prenatal clients and can help to set the foundation for our work together–whether you choose to train individually, in the group setting or a combination of the two.  It’s a great  chance to individualize your plan and get specific questions answered!  If you’re not sure where to begin, here’s your first step!

Group Training

If you’re ready to get started, you can skip the initial Concierge Service and simply join Bodies for Birth Prenatal Group Training classes*!  These classes are booked for four consecutive weeks with new sessions beginning monthly.  This program is progressive in nature, meaning that you can join at any time in pregnancy and can continue right up until delivery!

* Please note that provider clearance is required prior to your first class. See Group Class page for necessary paperwork!*

Coming soon in November 2017…more Prenatal Class Options including Dancing for Birth(TM) and Prenatal Yoga!

Private Training 

 One-on-One Training sessions are always available to create individualized workouts just for you!  You will go home with an at-home workout you can repeat at your convenience to maintain a consistent routine.  These sessions will often include referrals to local and online resources as well to provide holistic support.

Group Training & One-on-One Training

This is truly the best of both worlds!  The individualized One-on-One workouts allow us to focus on your unique goals, while the Group Training provides a foundation of community and support!

Postpartum Services

Postpartum Concierge Service

This is our first step postpartum for ALL clients!  It’s a vital opportunity for screening and a chance to provide referrals to complimentary practitioners.     

With the Postpartum Concierge Service, we will address any specific concerns so that you can maximize the benefits from the group setting or then continue to train in a private capacity.

Return to Fitness Program: Eight Weeks

Take the guesswork out of returning to fitness postpartum by joining us for a progressive eight week retraining program.  This program was designed for the group setting after seeing great success in one-on-one sessions, but it does require commitment from you!  Learn more here!

Mom & Baby Gym

Coming soon!! Be on the lookout for more information regarding this innovative option for Postpartum Fitness! It’s fun, flexible and will be launching in January 2018!

Private Training

Continue training individually to focus on your unique postpartum goals.  Baby is always welcome at our sessions where we have private space for your needs!

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