Your Unique Self-Care Prescription

What are you doing for yourself today?  What does your morning ritual look like?  Do you have one?
Setting the tone for each day with energizing, mind clearing rituals, with gentle movement, with meditation, journaling, breathing…or simply with intention can make a huge difference.
I know it can sound positively daunting–especially if you’re a new mom.  So where do you start?  Well, you just simply begin and take it one step at a time.
My mom always references a beautiful book by Anne Lamott when I’m feeling overwhelmed, you simply take it “Bird by Bird.”
Anne Lamott, by the way, has some amazing writing on her journey to and through motherhood–providing levity, humor and refreshing honesty.  You might enjoy both of these:
Okay, so back to self-care.  Which, by the way, can just look like reading a book for pleasure (see above).
I’m here to help.  Today, I offer a brief ten minute self-care exercise.  It has five simple steps.
Open this doc and get to work!  Let’s do it together, it may change your day, your week, your month.
  1. You simply begin by listing all the things you can think of when you consider what self-care means to you…from taking a shower to a night out with friends, a solo workout, to spa days etc.
  2. In step two, you’ll review your list and pick three:
    1. “I’ve Got This”:  The first one, is a self-care item that you can make happen on your own; i.e.: washing your face and applying mascara, brushing your teeth, prioritizing a nap when baby naps (instead of your to-do list) etc.
    2. “A Little Help Here”:  The second one, is something that requires a bit of support.  You may need to ask for help; i.e.: help from your partner so that you can get the time for a shower, get out for a walk, attend a fitness class.  Or perhaps, you need to purchase a tool i.e.: a book, exercise equipment for your at-home set-up etc.
    3. “I wish”: In this third step, you’re thinking big.  You’re thinking of those self-care things that feel unattainable at this moment.  (Note: that still might be a shower depending on where you are in your journey!) Or, it might be a weekend away, a spa-day, attending a course or workshop…let your imagine run free.  What do you really wish you could do?
  3. Strategize!  Okay, now let’s begin to put these plans into motion.  Here, we strategize.  How can you take steps that will get you closer to attaining these self-care intentions?  Do you need to find a babysitter?  Ask your family for help? Find resources in the community?  Do you simply need to start a conversation with your partner?
  4. Okay,  Part II is your “Joyful Non-negotiable.”  Now, let’s pick one thing.  One thing that will be your daily “Joyful Non-Negotiable (JNN).” Again, the shower example comes to mind!  I love my showers…but, I can skip them and still be happy.  For me, my JNN is my green smoothies.  Don’t get between me and my Vitamix!  For my day to start and end well, I must have at least one green smoothie waiting in the fridge.  Just seeing the glass jars of nutrient packed goodness reminds me that I am caring for myself! So, what’s yours?
  5. Finally, it’s time to commit.  In a sentence or two, write down what you will commit to and how you will make it happen.  Begin with one day at a time, “bird by bird” and see how it goes.
Phew! Okay.  Nice work.  We did it!  How do you feel?  Inspired?  Motivated?  I hope so. Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out for more support; I’m always happy to help.  My work is not just about fitness.  It’s about holistic health care and wellbeing.  We’re in this together.
This exercise can be use as you see fit–return to it often.  I find it to be a really powerful check-in when I’m feeling a bit derailed, lacking in self-care or just need a little time to reflect.

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