Bodies For Birth Schedule

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Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I drop-in to class?

Prenatal classes are booked for four consecutive weekly visits (i.e.: five Saturdays). Please see Group Class page for more details. We do offer some Drop-In Classes, look for these on the schedule!

What if I am know in advance that I am going to miss a class or a few classes in a series?

There are a few options to help you stay active!  In the event of a missed class, you are allowed one drop-in per series (please contact instructor to arrange).  Additional options include 50% off a one-on-one training session or a PDF of an at-home workout.

Is there a way to make up my missed class(es)?

Classes are non-transferrable; this means that you will not be able to “make-up” the classes elsewhere (ie: during another series).

How do I get started?

Please see Getting Started. Please note that the “Prenatal Concierge Service” is optional prior to joining prenatal group classes, “Postpartum Concierge Service” is required prior to training in the group setting postpartum.

How can a Prenatal One-on-One help?

During pregnancy, the Prenatal Concierge Service is a great place to start so that we can address your very specific needs–both physical and emotional–to best prepare you for labor.

How can a Postpartum One-on-One help?

In postpartum, booking the Postpartum Concierge Service appointment is crucial for safe healing. With just one or two sessions, we can address many of your fundamental concerns and take the guess-work out of postpartum recovery. Please do not worry about childcare! Baby is always welcome at One-on-Ones.

Questions? Concerns?

Please don’t be shy! I am happy to discuss all of these options in more detail and to answer any further questions on an individual basis.  Contact me today!