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Providing holistic care for women throughout pregnancy and postpartum is a top priority for us; we share these resources with great enthusiasm!  

If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us directly and we will be happy to help! 

Resources, Support & Education (arranged alphabetically)

Local Puget Sound Resources & Services:

Maureen Contant, Full Bloom Acupuncture

Beth Rubin, Zoe Lotus

Ashley Schiavone, Joyful Living

Jessica Timins Greenberg, Artemesia Healing Arts

Nikki Wolf, Nikki Wolf – Acupuncture

Nicole Hidaka, Perfect Harmony Acupuncture

Cynthia Buxton, Natural Healthcare Northwest

Adoption & Counseling Services:
Amara Parenting Services

Care Net of Puget Sound

Belly Binding:
Blissful Birth Initiations

Birth Center Info:
American Association of Birth Centers

Birth & Postpartum Doula Services:
Emma Christensen, Beatha Wellness and Doula Services

Amity Kramer, Thresholds

Sharon Muza

Meg Heather Ford

Alice Ambrose, Ambrosia Mama

Your Birth Choice Doula

Doula Match

DONA International

PALS, Pacific Association of Labor Support

NAPS, Northwest Association for Postpartum Support


Breastfeeding Drop-In Support Groups:
La Leche League of Washington

Swedish Hospital

“Breastfeeding SOS”

Chiropractic Care:
Dr. Edwin Shepherd, Shepherd Family Chiropractic

Dr. Bryan Gregory, Wallingford Family Chiropractic

Dr. Sharonrose Samelak, Seed of Life Chiropractic and Wellness, LLC

Craniosacral, Bodywork & Chinese Herbal Medicine:
Samara White, Counterpoint Wellness (infants, children, adults)

Craniosacral, Energy Healing & Electro Lymphatic Therapy:
Heather Boreske, Nurturing Sol Healing Arts

Childbirth Preparation and Parenting Classes:
Amity Kramer, Thresholds

Sharon Muza, (including preparation for VBAC)

Joy MacTavish, Sound Beginnings

Childbirth Education (Hospital Based):
Parent Trust—Great Starts

Additional Resources for Childbirth Education:
International Childbirth Education Association :

Lamaze International for Parents

The Bradley Method

Birthing from Within

Cloth Diapering Classes:
Joy MacTavish, Sound Beginnings

Dads–Local Support:

Holistic Pelvic Care:
Beth Rubin, Zoe Lotus

HypnoBirthing Instruction:
Barbara C. Decker, Soul of Birthing

Lactation Services:
Renee Beebe, The Second 9 Months

Joy MacTavish, Sound Beginnings

Massage—Prenatal and Postpartum:
Emma Christensen, Beatha Wellness and Doula Services

Elisabeth Fleming-Prot, Equinox Healing Arts

Angela Amos, Deep River Bodyworks

Alice Ambrose, Aditi Studio

Maya Abdominal Massage:
Beth Rubin, Zoe Lotus

Heather Boreske, Nurturing Sol Healing Arts

Meal Preparation:
Mama Doula

Meditation & Mindfulness:


Bold Tranquility

Meet Up:
Pregnant Around Seattle

Mental Health & Counseling: 

Seth Ellner, EMDR Technique

Infertility, Pregnancy Loss and Infant Death, Difficult or Traumatic Birth, Prenatal Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Breastfeeding Loss, Grief, Trauma, Parenting a Child with Special Needs, Adoption

Seattle Families of Multiples

Eastside Mothers of Multiples

Local Midwifery Services:
NWHMC Midwives Clinic

Midwife Seattle

Midwifery Info and Provider Search:
American College of Nurse-Midwives

Mothers Naturally

Citizens for Midwifery

Naturopathic Services:
Naturopathic Family Medicine

Dr. Vivian Sovran

Docere Center for Natural Medicine

Dr. Alicia Cole

Clarity Natural Medicine

Katherine Leonard Carvlin


Laura Hunter, Laura Hunter Nutrition

Natalie Joffe, Natalie Joffe Nutrition Coach

Obstetrics and Gynecology:

Seattle OB/GYN, Dr. Sarah de la Torre
Meridian Women’s Health

Obstetrics and Gynecology Info and Provider Search:
The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Ballard Pediatrics

North Seattle Pediatrics

Pediatric Dentistry:
Seattle Kids Dentistry 

Jenny Boyle, Jennifer Boyle Photography

Physical Therapy:
Aimee Lake, Aimee Lake Physical Therapy

April Bolding

Holly Tanner & Rachel Kilgore, Flow Rehab

Katy Rice, UW Medicine

Malorie Larson,  Greenlake Sports Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Provider Database

Ashley Newman, Union Pilates

Placenta Preparation:

Postpartum Doula Services:
Tobin Rotchford, Doula Tobin

Postpartum Support:
PEPS, Program for Early Parent Support

Amity Kramer, Thresholds

Washington Warm Line

Postpartum Support International of WA

The Lytle Center Clinic for Pregnancy & Newborns 

Postpartum Drop-In Support Groups:
“Adjusting to Parenthood”

“First Weeks”

“Breastfeeding SOS”

“Fourth Trimester”

“Mother’s Tea”

“Early Days”

Preconception & Early Pregnancy Classes:
Barbara C. Decker, Soul of Birthing

Pregnancy Loss:
Katie Spataro, Sacred Womb Services, Pregnancy Loss Healing Circle

Cynthia Good Mojab, LifeCircle Counseling and Consulting

Pregnancy Support:

Prenatal Yoga:
Kula Movement

Seattle Holistic Center

Aditi Studio

Reflexology & Quantum Touch:
Emma Christensen, Beatha Wellness and Doula Services

Restorative Exercise:
Sharon Rude, Purna Wellness

Village Maternity

Consumer Dangers

Sleep Specialists:
Dominique Brooks, Dream On Maternity and Child Sleep Consulting

Rebecca Michi

Transformational Life Coach:
Lena Meyer, Gratitude6

Educational Resources:

Learn More About Prenatal & Postpartum Exercise:

Claire Mockridge

Jenny Burrell

Get Fit For Birth

Jessie Mundell Fitness Consulting

Ginger Garner

 Wendy Powell

Helpful Pregnancy & Postpartum Related Websites: 

American College of Nurse Midwives

American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Coalition for Improving Maternity Services

Evidence Based Birth: Giving birth based on best evidence 

Childbirth Connection

The Cordblood

Cerebral Palsy Education

Postpartum Depression.Org
Parenting Resources & Websites:

Janet Lansbury

PEPS, Program for Early Parent Support

Dr. Sears


Blogs and Online Resources for Dads:

Postpartum Dads

Postpartum Men


Seattle exercise and pregnancy resources.

So much to learn so little time! What do you want to know more about these days?

A Collection of Books I have found helpful and/or have been recommended:

Pregnancy & Birth:
Homebirth in the Hospital :: Stacey Marie Kerr
Birth Matters :: Ina May Gaskin
The Heart in the Womb: An Exploration into the Roots of Human Love and Social Cohesion :: Amali Lokugamage
Mindful Birthing :: Nancy Bardacke
Strategies for the C-Section Mom :: Mary Beth Knight
Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn :: Penny Simkin et al.
Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth :: Ina May Gaskin
Birthing from Within :: Pam England & Rob Horowitz
The Complete Book of Pregnancy & Childbirth :: Sheila Kitzinger
The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth :: Henci Goer
The VBAC Companion :: Diana Korte
Preventing Preterm Birth :: Michael Katz
Every Pregnant Woman’s Guide to Preventing Premature Birth :: Barbara Luke
The Pregnancy Bed Rest Book :: Amy E. Tracy
Mind Over Labor :: Carl Jones
Easing Labor Pain :: Adrienne Lieberman
The Labor Progress Handbook :: Penny Simkin

Birth Book #1- How to Find the Best Doctor or Midwife, Have Less Pain in Labor & Be Fearless When Giving Birth (the Birth Book Series) :: Sarah & Steve Blight

Birth Book #2- 8 Proven Ways to Have a Healthier Baby After Birth (what studies show & many providers never tell you about your baby’s first hour) (the Birth Book Series) :: Sarah & Steve Blight

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers :: Dr. Jack Newman & Teresa Pitman
The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding :: La Leche League International
Breastfeeding Made Simple :: Nancy Morbacher & Kathleen Kendall-Tacket
Ina May’s Guide to Breastfeeding :: Ina May Gaskin

For Dads:
Fatherneed :: Kyle Pruett
Partnership Parenting :: Kyle Pruett
Fatherhood :: Ross Parke
Postpartum Husband :: Karen Kleiman

Exercising Through Your Pregnancy :: James F. Clapp III and C. Cram
Motherwell Maternity Fitness Plan: The #1 Program for Healthy Mothers and Babies :: Bonnie Berk
Alignment Matters: The First Five Years of Katy Says :: Katy Bowman
How to Exercise When You’re Expecting: For the 9 Months of Pregnancy and the 5 Months it Takes to Get Your Best Body Back :: Lindsey Brin
Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond :: F. Freedman
Ending Pain in Pregnancy :: Isa Herrera
The Female Pelvis Anatomy & Exercises :: Blandine Calais-Germain
Active Birth, Revised Edition :: Janet Balaskas

Feed Yourself, Feed Your Family :: La Leche League International
Nutrition for a Healthy Pregnancy :: Elizabeth Somer
Nutrition in Pregnancy & Lactation :: Worthington-Roberts, Vermeesch, & Williams

On Becoming Babywise :: Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam
Toddlerwise :: Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam
Wonder Weeks :: Hetty Van de Rijt and Frans Plooij
The Baby Book :: Dr. William Sears
Elevating Childcare: A Guide to Respectful Parenting :: Janet Lansbury


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