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Mom & Baby Gym

It IS possible to coordinate many moms and babies for postpartum group classes, but it’s not easy!  In fact, what we’ve noticed is that it adds a significant layer of stress to what should be a relaxing, joyful experience!

In addition to our own observations, we’ve been listening to what you want and need.  We are so excited to launch Mom & Baby Gym in response!  Mom & Baby Gym is an innovative, flexible way to meet your fitness needs postpartum!

With intentionally designed curriculum and oversight from a perinatal fitness professional, you will feel safe and supported as you return to fitness!

Not to mention, flexible scheduling and no childcare required for the little ones!  You’ve always got the option to pop in solo to utilize the Bodies for Birth Space during designated Mom & Baby Gym hours too.  Do what works best for you!

What you can expect:

  • Your own fully equipped station with space for baby at your side, max of six mom/baby pairs in the space at a time
  • An appropriately designed Postpartum Strength Training Circuit addressing the common aches and pains of motherhood
  • Progressive Core and Pelvic Floor Training
  • Supervision from a perinatal fitness professional
  • Access to all equipment on-site including stability balls, mats, free weights, kettlebells, resistance bands, loop bands, pilates balls, sliders, steps and more
  • A clean, safe environment with all the amenities you need to care for both yourself and baby: including a cozy area for feeding and cuddling, complimentary snacks and beverages, changing table with supplies, clean toys for baby, access to resources and community for mom
  • A roughly 30 minute workout full body strength training workout (give or take baby-care and cuddle breaks)!
  • An opportunity to connect with other moms and at least one on-site perinatal fitness professional
  • Support, Community, Connection, Flexibility
  • Your Village at Bodies for Birth

As a Bonus for purchasing a monthly membership, you will get access to a FREE Postpartum Fitness Guide packed full of info for a safe, strong postpartum recovery and a video to an introductory core and pelvic floor exercise! 

The details:

  • Offered from 11 am-2 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays with the exception of holidays.
  • View the February 2018 Calendar here!
  • Purchase a single drop-in or get some serious savings by purchasing monthly unlimited!
  • Arrive on your schedule and leave on your schedule, tending to baby as you go!
  • Last entry will be 30 minutes prior to end of Mom & Baby Gym hours.
  • Safety for all is a top priority, so no crawlers please.
  • $225 plus tax for an unlimited month of classes-up to 12!
  • Buy now and ensure your fitness postpartum…the class pack activates on the date of your first visit!
  • Please send along paperwork below prior to your first entry at Mom & Baby Gym!
  • In postpartum, please wait to join the group setting until 6-8 weeks following delivery unless otherwise specified by your provider.
  • If you have questions about readiness for Mom & Baby Gym, please contact Maura at

Did we forget something?  If you have more questions, just let us know!  We’re always happy to  help!  We’ve created this for you and hope you love it as much as we do!

Sign Up Now!

Unlimited monthly for $225--up to 12 workouts!


The details:

  • All  clients must please complete the Bodies for Birth New Client Information Packet 1:2018. This packet contains all of the forms you need.
  • Please note that Part II prompts you to complete a brief electronic Physical Activity Readiness Medical Examination.  At the end of your survey, you will receive a recommendation for exercise or a recommendation to pursue clearance from your provider.
  • Upon completion of the New Client Information Packet, should you have any contraindications for exercise, please contact me directly to discuss further. Thank you!
  • In order to participate in services with BODIES FOR BIRTH, you must please submit this paperwork 48 hours prior to the start of class or to your private session.
  • This can be done via e-mail or postal mail to the studio address: 6512 Phinney Ave N, Seattle WA 98103.