What is Holistic Pelvic Care™? Guest Contributor: Beth Rubin, MSOM, LAC


The primary goal of Holistic Pelvic Care (HPC) is to empower a woman to inhabit her pelvic space and occupy her feminine ground physically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually.

HPC is a technique consisting of physical and energetic tools designed to evaluate and restore balance in the pelvic space of the female body. Holistic Pelvic Care is for women of all ages (18 and older) to address pelvic symptoms or enhance general wellness. It was developed by Tami Kent, MS Physical Therapy, a women’s health pioneer in Portland, Oregon and author of the book Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit and Joy in the Female Body. 


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Energies of the female pelvic bowl and pelvic floor muscles can be viewed as a register for our life’s experiences- multi-faceted, complex, and full of healing potential. This sacred space maps our life, our journey, and even our lineage. 

When engaging with our pelvic space we have the ability to call into light our blessings, gifts, powers, but also work with our burdens from a place of love and compassion. 

These can include deeper wounding – dark/shadow beliefs about ourselves, our purpose, our interactions with those around us. 


During the initial session a detailed health history is discussed and basic pelvic anatomy is introduced. The treatment portion will take place on a massage table with pelvic muscles being assessed intervaginally. Tension patterns are mapped, internal trigger points (tender points) are assessed and then lightly treated with myofascial release and trigger point work.  Visualizations and breath work are also used to address physical and energetic blockages in order to restore balance to the pelvic bowl space.

Many women are amazed to first recognize the layers of tension or disconnect that they may feel in their pelvic space and after treatment feel a great sense of grounding, renewal and ease. The best part of this work is that each woman can learn the massage as self-care. 

Ideas and healings that may come forward with Holistic Pelvic Care are questions and considerations such as:

How do we use our gifts in our life? How do we support, lift ourselves up, nourish ourselves? How do we suppress, deny or diminish ourselves?

HPC teaches us that there is sacred medicine in our pelvis, healing energies in our organs that we can work with… dance with… in order to heal wounds, practice self-love and express our full creative potential. 

Just as with other muscles and fascia (connective tissue) in our bodies, there are patterns of tension and of ease in our pelvic floor. These patterns tell a story – Like a register for all our life’s experiences we can journey back into our lineage, be very present in a loving space today, and journey forward to carry healing into our future. We carry it like a bowl. What a gift!


There are many benefits to Holistic Pelvic Care. When a woman does not fully inhabit her pelvic space, symptoms of dis-ease can develop.

I believe HPC should be a central part of basic well women’s care.”

Holistic pelvic care can help ease the symptoms of many physical or energetic blockages that limit a woman’s pelvic energy and centeredness. These may include dysmenorrhea (painful periods), fibroids, PCOS, fertility issues, endometriosis, pelvic congestion, painful intercourse, recovery from miscarriage, urinary symptoms and incontinence or prolapse, vaginitis, difficult menopause, pelvic pain or muscle weakness, pelvic trauma, or simply feelings of disconnect from self/core essence.

HPC is a must for postpartum care or cesarean recovery (even years after birth!) and supports overall pelvic wellness.

As a practitioner, I first met Tami Kent during trainings in The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy and we became friends. I was called to train with Tami directly in Holistic Pelvic Care after the birth of my second child – which was an unplanned and traumatic repeat cesarean. 

The work was profound. It helped me heal. It helped me forgive my body in a way I never knew possible. And today my own personal HPC continues to guide and inform me… a transformational self-care technique. 

I am blessed to have worked with hundreds of women through the years, witnessing their journeys, and bringing this extraordinary work into the world. 


About the Author: Beth Rubin, MSOM, LAC

content-imageI grew up in central Florida amongst palm trees, sandy beaches, and thunderstorms. I have lived in Seattle for ten years and now it’s the mountains, forests, and ocean of the Pacific Northwest that have my heart.

My undergraduate studies were filled with my love of writing and interdisciplinary studies. I began my journey in the healing arts twenty years ago as a bodyworker, graduating from the Florida College of Natural Health as a massage therapist. I continued my education in various modalities including neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, structural integration, prenatal massage, Cranial-Sacral Therapy, and Yoga as Movement therapy. I loved the medicine of touch. I yearned for more.

In 2000 I enrolled at the Florida College of Integrative Medicine and graduated summa cum laude, with a Bachelor’s of Professional Health Studies and Masters of Science in East Asian Medicine four years later. I especially enjoy working with women and have deepened my studies and practice in the specialty of holistic gynecology and women’s energetic wisdom. I am honored to have studied directly with Dr. Rosita Arvigo in the techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy and with Tammi Lynn Kent, a pioneer in the field of women’s health and creator of Holistic Pelvic Care.

I have two amazing children that light up my life. Mothering has been a blessed path of spirit led medicine for me, illuminating my edges and inviting me to expand my heart and my reach in ways I never knew possible.  My partner is the love of my life.  He is my best friend. He makes me laugh and holds me accountable to my hopes and dreams. We are gifted with a blended family, four kids in all and one new grandchild.

May my mission honor the lessons of my fellow sisters and teachers who have shared my road through transformation, helped to heal my grief, and inspire my work. May my mission continue to be a work of service and self- care, celebration, and ceremony.


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